Turkey is the only country that stretches across two continents: Asia and Europe, located opposite each other on either side of the Bosphorus. This mixture of the two continents is reflected not only the geography of Turkey, but also in its culture: it has the oriental Middle East as we know it, but it also has European parties to buy you a nice feeling of a foreign place so close to home. The landscapes of Turkey are diverse – the towering mountains of Bodrum  are a particularly favorite holiday destination. Here you will find a rich cultural experience alongside restaurants, holiday experiences, dance, music and art.



Average cost for a day of traveling:
backpackers: $30-45
average travelers: $45-100
High-class travelers: $100-250

Currency is the NIS – New Israeli Shekel
Israel  is a relatively expensive destination in Europe. This is reflected in transport, food and accommodation


Topkapi palace – located in the Old City of Istanbul’s European side. The palace was once the official residence of the Ottoman sultans. In the palace are “tower of justice” – preserved relics of the Prophet Muhammad and the first caliphs. Today it serves as a museum.
Hagia Sophia – don’t let the  external grayish look of the Church fool you. From the moment  you enter the giant doors you are amazed at its power and beauty. The church that  was originally built as Greek Orthodox Church is considered one of the most prominent examples of the art and architecture of the Byzantine empire.
Galata Tower – is one of the most prominent buildings in the northern skyline of Istanbul. Was built in the Byzantine period as part of the city’s fortifications, destroyed and rebuilt in the fourth century. A lookout tower is open to the public and provides a view of Istanbul
Istiklal Avenue – a beautiful pedestrian street that leads from the upper Galata Tunnel Station and ends in Taksim Square. Along the street shops are restaurants, churches and homes with impressive façades.
Taksim Square – the square is the heart of the commercial district and has shops, luxury hotels, travel agencies and restaurants. At the center is the Republic Monument in memory of Turkey’s War of Independence.


WiFi: It is free everywhere: airport, restaurants and public areas.
International prefix: +90
SIM card – You can find SIM cards in any convenience store or supermarket.
Telephone service –  in every hotel.


There are two different visa types:
1. A single entry visa: valid for one entry and a stay up to three months.
2. A multiple entry visa: allows you to enter and exit the country more than once within a one year period specified on your passport, and you can stay in Turkey for three months each time.
Prices of on-line visas are:

    • $20-30: for US and most of Europe.
    • $60-70: for Australians and Canadians

for more information: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa


5 star hotels – mostly in the main cities; Istanbul, Marmaris, Ankara, Antalya  [$100-200 per night]
4 star hotels – [$40-50 per night]
3 star hotel – [$30-40 per night].  
hostels – [$10-20 per bed] There are small, family hostels in Turkey

The variety and quality of hotels and hostels are affordable. In Istanbul you can find all types of accommodation available from luxury hotels to hostels. Two major regional tourist accommodation concentrate in Taksim Square and the Old Town. We recommend that you locate between the two areas to be able to go for walks in the Old City and in the evening go out in Istiklal Street.


The Lycian Way – a walking route marked along 509 kilometers in south-west Turkey, a region that stretches between the towns of Fethiye (Fethiye) of Antalya. Rural, kind and hospitable people, living in a world that seems to have stopped a century ago, breathtaking views, plenty of water and lush vegetation. Charming beaches and historical remains of the Lycian people, who lived in the Greek and Roman periods.

Istanbul Turkey Tower Galata


People walking around and inviting you to enter a restaurant and then charging you excessively. Choose the place where you sit and do not let anyone get you in nightclubs.

There are several parallel streets to Taksim square where there are drunks. If you bump into one of them just continued without talking with them.

Getting around - transportation

Turkish buses are quite impressive. Many buses traveling between cities and towns. For most of the routes it is not necessary to purchase tickets in advance. Contrary to what we are used to, the cost of a cheaper ride the bus and sometimes the journey is even slower. However, travel by train is very convenient, especially the route from Ankara to Istanbul. In addition, there are mini-buses in cities (Dolmos) passengers orbits, and sometimes go from downtown to the suburbs, trams, subways and taxis (remember to ask the taxi driver to operate the meter).

ME index for food costs


Spring: (April to mid-June): This is the best season to visit Turkey in terms of climate, but very crowded and more expensive. Mild weather throughout the country and many sun hours.

Summer: (mid-June to mid-September) high temperatures, many visitors to the resorts, the nearby Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Like the heat, prices peak in summer. In contrast, in the Cappadocia and Istanbul regions, there are smaller crowds and the most attractive prices.
Fall: (mid-September through October): This season is also popular among visitors, especially in Istanbul and Cappadocia rope, but a little less flowery transition season. Mild weather, but shorter days and it may rain towards the end of the season.

Winter: (November to March): The lowest prices and number of visitors. The advantages of this season are of course the plunge in prices, the availability of hotels, and the decrease in visitor mass. However, cold weather and rain may spoil your day.

Travel Turkey Balloons Cappadocia Valley Landscape


Hch – recommended for lovers of fishing and of course if you just want to try something special and unusual in the city. Take fishing gear and go to the bridge that connects the Old city to the Galata tower.

mp3 player + sets with classical music, it just makes sensory experience to hang out in mosques and Ottoman palaces with classical music in the background.

Sneakers, toward the sunset is well worth finding time to run on the Bosphorus boardwalk. If running isn’t  your thing and your stomach is full  from quality shwarma, a pleasant walk will do the trick.